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Cléo Kiddo Photographe Web Site

VSleo Kiddo is a young freelance photographer from the Stéphanoise region. Graduated in Management and Human Resources but passionate about the arts since childhood because she grew up with a painter mother and a guitarist father, she decided to follow the path of creativity and go to Lyon to join a school of applied arts. .

A year later she joined a Swiss school of photography to follow correspondence courses, which allowed her to have a parallel job, first as a chambermaid then as a cashier. 
Three years have passed with ups and downs, good and bad encounters, the vagaries of life but determined, she finally obtains her diploma as a Photographer in 2020.

When she doesn't have her eye on the lens, she spends time on social networks or leafing through magazines in search of inspiration, which she also develops through encounters, sharing, travelling, the discovery of life stories and different cultures. Music, passing from rap to jazz, from pop to French song, is an integral part of his life.

Endowed with an overflowing imagination, she loves to create stagings, costumes and sets for her shots. Passionate about cinema, she spends many evenings watching films, from great classics to new masterpieces, from series to Japanese animation. Admirer of American Hip-Hop culture and the 80s, she likes what is out of the ordinary, people who break codes, atypical things, people who dare. 

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